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A whole display of 34 fireworks in a box (a BIG box) (A HUGE box of fun, joy, colour, noise and mayhem)

The Armoury Display Crate is simply packed with fireworks, 34 to be exact! Barrages, Rockets, Candles, Mines and much, much more. We have a huge range of fireworks in our showroom at Owl Lane Nurseries in Ossett, near Wakefield, but if you want a particular firework we recommend checking first to make sure it is in stock…

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Our most popular firework of 2017

Our most popular firework of 2017, by a country mile, is Warhawk 2 with a double burst!!! They are 1.3G for more bang for your buck. Still unsure why Warhawk 2 is so awesome? Well, we think this video says it all…

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Make your display a Total Wipeout!

Have you seen Total Wipeout? They are one of our customers favourites! These amazing rockets, have the following effects… (A) Red palm with chrysanthemum (B) Red dahlia with blue peony (C) Brocade to blue with silver glitter (D) Silver glitter king (E) Blue dahlia peony (F) Golden palm to colour (RGB) They are as fantastic as they sound, and are available from our Wakefield (well Ossett to be more precise) Firework Showroom.

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Rapid firing, blue and yellow pearls, it has to be ION STORM

From our friends at Bright Star Fireworks. A Barrage with rapid-firing with alternating blue and yellow pearls with crackling and whistling effects culminating with a finale of golden willow and brocade star bursts. But don’t take our word for it, see Ion Storm from Bright Star right here on our website… (Like all of the fireworks in our website, it is available from our Ossett Firework Showroom at Owl Lane Nurseries.

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120 seconds of Blazing Sky fun

We are really loving the 2017 range from Jonathan Fireworks and Blazing Skies is much in demand this year. 2 minute duration!! 100 shots, multicolour bursts, blue with brocade, blossom glitter and time rain. What a great way to start off your celebration and set the tone for what is to come come! Available from our Ossett Firework Showroom. (Please feel free to contact us before travelling to check on stock availability on our fireworks)

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Have you got The Endurance?

Endurance. We love it. Have you seen it… A W E S O M E And of course available from our Ossett Firework Showroom.

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Have you seen how many fireworks we have on display?

As one of the leading suppliers of fireworks in Ossett and the Wakefield area we have a huge range of fireworks in display at any one time. Why not pop in next time you are passing?    

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Have you seen Cosmic Halo?

Oh my goodness. We are loving Cosmic Halo. Nick, our firework expert keeps talking about it, in fact he can work mention of Cosmic Halo into almost any conversation… But then he is always talking about fireworks, favourite fireworks and rockets. Anyway we thought we ought to share Cosmic Halo with you, so enjoy the video and pop in to see Nick and let him know you saw the fireworks on the website first!      

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Special Offers

Star Fleet Rockets: The old ones are the best!  Don’t miss your chance to let all 10 rockets perform for you once again. Our Price £21.98 (RRP £34.99) Total Impact Rocket Pack – Pack of 3 Seriously dominate the skies with the leader of all rocket selections. Our price £39.99 Fire One A large, single ignition barrage of multi coloured tails, multi coloured stars, white glittering brocade, whistling and crackling tails, multi coloured bouquets, palms and more crackling! 98 SHOTS Our […]

November 2016 Trojan is our Firework of the month!

We love Trojan. It is a 134 shot barrage, and it is awesome! Not only that but it has a recommended retail price of £79.99 but we are selling Trojan for only £59.99 Trojan goes from a red tipped silver palm, through chasing angles crosses and brocade crowns to a fantastic noisy finale.