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Have you seen Cosmic Halo?

Oh my goodness. We are loving Cosmic Halo. Nick, our firework expert keeps talking about it, in fact he can work mention of Cosmic Halo into almost any conversation… But then he is always talking about fireworks, favourite fireworks and rockets. Anyway we thought we ought to share Cosmic Halo with you, so enjoy the video and pop in to see Nick and let him know you saw the fireworks on the website first!      

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November 2016 Trojan is our Firework of the month!

We love Trojan. It is a 134 shot barrage, and it is awesome! Not only that but it has a recommended retail price of £79.99 but we are selling Trojan for only £59.99 Trojan goes from a red tipped silver palm, through chasing angles crosses and brocade crowns to a fantastic noisy finale.  


Dark Angel is our Firework of the Month for October

  Dark Angel is an awesome 100 shot Barrage, which is so awesome that we have named it our Firework of the month for October 2014. Dark Angel is just one of the amazing barrages that are on display at our Firework Showroom at Owl Lane Nurseries near Wakefield.

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Brothers 107 shot Hercules Barrage named as Firework of the month for November 2013

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To celebrate the launch of our new dedicated Fireworks website we have decided (after much deliberation) to choose Brothers Hercules as our very first firework of the month, this is a 1.3G firework. It is a 107 shot barrage. In Nicks words, “this is an award winning display in a box, I really can recommend this one without a moments hesitation, it is one of my favourites!”

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