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A whole display of 34 fireworks in a box (a BIG box) (A HUGE box of fun, joy, colour, noise and mayhem)

The Armoury Display Crate is simply packed with fireworks, 34 to be exact! Barrages, Rockets, Candles, Mines and much, much more. We have a huge range of fireworks in our showroom at Owl Lane Nurseries in Ossett, near Wakefield, but if you want a particular firework we recommend checking first to make sure it is in stock…

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Have you seen how many fireworks we have on display?

As one of the leading suppliers of fireworks in Ossett and the Wakefield area we have a huge range of fireworks in display at any one time. Why not pop in next time you are passing?    

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Have you seen Cosmic Halo?

Oh my goodness. We are loving Cosmic Halo. Nick, our firework expert keeps talking about it, in fact he can work mention of Cosmic Halo into almost any conversation… But then he is always talking about fireworks, favourite fireworks and rockets. Anyway we thought we ought to share Cosmic Halo with you, so enjoy the video and pop in to see Nick and let him know you saw the fireworks on the website first!      

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Just Awesome!

We are just loving our new selection boxes, which have just been delivered… These include The Armoury which has an RRP of £299.99 Our special price is just £149.99, that is why so many people choose Owl Lane Nurseries near Wakefield for their fireworks RRP £299.99 Our special price is just £149.99  


A few images of our Firework display

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While bonfire night may be but a distant memory, we sell fireworks for a full 52 weeks a year and with Christmas and New Year just around the corner, we thought you might like to see some pictures of our shop.

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Countdown to bonfire night…

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 Today we have discussing the very serious matter of who makes the best barrage… After much discussion, we have decided it has to be Destruction. This is a true party animal, and contains 12 action packed aerial cakes. This pack is suitable for most gardens, if you are unsure if your garden is large enough, just pop in and we will be happy to advise.

Brothers 107 shot Hercules Barrage named as Firework of the month for November 2013

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To celebrate the launch of our new dedicated Fireworks website we have decided (after much deliberation) to choose Brothers Hercules as our very first firework of the month, this is a 1.3G firework. It is a 107 shot barrage. In Nicks words, “this is an award winning display in a box, I really can recommend this one without a moments hesitation, it is one of my favourites!”

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The nights are drawing in, which means

It must be getting to the firework season!