The Party List – like a wedding list but for fireworks


The best way we can describe our Party List, is that it is like a wedding list for a firework party.

So, here is the scenario.

  • You decide to throw a firework party for a special celebration.
  • Everyone who is coming says they will bring a bottle and some fireworks.
  • The result, rather than a fantastic display is 20 selection boxes from the supermarket.

As well as being boring this is also dangerous. As spectators and the person setting off the fireworks get bored, then people get inventive and the result often is far from happy.

There is an option.

The Owl Lane “Party List”

Plan your display in detail with Nick Fincher our firework enthusiast, deciding on the number of fireworks, size, colour and of course the firing order.

We keep the list.

Your friends come come in, choose a firework to pay for and then we hand the list to you, (so you know who to thank) when you come to pick up the fireworks prior to the party.